Members of the Service League give of their time as well as money.  Several local organizations call on us to help them staff their nonprofit activities.  Many members have volunteered for non-profit organizations such as The Helping Center, Library Thrift Store, Candlelight Ranch, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Highview Retirement Center, Burnet County Child Welfare Board, Special Needs Community and Hill Country Theater to name a few. 

In 2018, our first event of this kind, we had 45 participants.  In 2019 we had 62 participants and almost double the number of projects.  In 2020, our activities have been curtailed by the Covid-19 pandemic, but we were still able to help out the Boys and Girls Club, as a group. It is 2022 now, and we are back doing what we do best. Yes, the Service League is about serving and giving, but in addition to talking about service and giving to support service, we do.  We do!

Delivering Care packages, donated and made by HLSL members, to local Nursing Homes
Burnet County Child Welfare – Packed bags for kids removed from homes by CPS. Bags contained snacks, toiletries, teddy bear, blanket and a few personal items.
Boys and Girls Club – We stocked and arranged shelves. The Boys and Girls club can now serve meals for future events with greater ease and enjoyment.
Candlelight Ranch we assisted in the outdoor activities for kids,
including the rope climbing course.
Blessing in a Backpack – We packed food into backpacks to be distributed to students in Burnet County who have food insecurity at home. Food can be used over the weekends by students and their families.